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The Amazing Secret of a UFC Bantamweight Champion that allows anyone to become impossible to hit in record time, no matter how skilled your opponent is..

Even if you’ve never trained martial arts a single day in your life, and even if you’re not a gifted athlete!

In fact, this series is so effective, the author backs it up with a double-your money-back-guarantee (read below for details)!


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From the desk of: Dominick Cruz

Alliance MMA — San Diego, California 3:45 PM

Dear Friend,

How would you like to learn a few simple movements that, if you practice them each day, can make you basically impossible to hit?

Sound too good to be true?

Well, I’m the proof this works!  

Not only am I one of the least hit fighters to ever enter the cage, but I believe anyone can learn to do this, if you’re willing to train just a few simple movements each day.

Why do I believe this?

Because that’s exactly how I did it, and still do it to this day!

Yes, there are a series of drills and simple movements I do religiously, every single day, to stay sharp as a professional fighter.

And the skill I believe is MOST important to keep sharp, especially early in my career when I felt like I was David fighting Goliath every fight is…

To be impossible to hit!

Because if you can avoid taking damage, then it’s only a matter of time before your opponent gets tired, and all of their advantages count for nothing

So what are these simple movements and drills that I do, that are so potent they give you superpowers?

I’ll get to that in just a minute.

But first, there’s something important you should understand to really get why this works so well.

Do you remember the story of the 300 Spartans fighting the Persians at Thermopylae?

Most people today know this story from the movie 300.

But it’s a true story, and one of the greatest military victories in world history.

The short version is something like this: The Persian Army was the greatest armed force the world had ever seen.

And they were attempting to conquer all of Greece.

However, because of political disagreements, the King of Sparta, Leonidas, couldn’t get the entire Spartan army to join him in standing up to the Persians.

And King Leonidas needed to stand up to the Persians, because he wasn't about to kneel to a foreign ruler.

So he took 300 of his best men as “personal bodyguards” to meet the massive Persian forces at Thermopylae and stop them dead in their tracks.

And his strategy was genius!

Because King Leonidas knew that there was a certain geographical area he could funnel the Persian army into.

That forced them to battle the Spartans in a narrow corridor, a small pass known as the "hot gates"... named after the sulphur springs there.

This place was rumored to be the very entrance to Hades, and funneled down into this narrow corridor, the gargantuan Persian numbers would count for nothing against King Leonidas' men.

That way, even though the Spartans were technically outnumbered, Leonidas forced the Persians to fight them “one at a time”, and the Persians were basically just lining up to be slaughtered in small rows that the Spartan 300 and their few allies could easily dispatch of.

King Leonidas forced the Persians to fight in such a way that their greatest advantage became a weakness.

And that is exactly what you will be able to do when you learn my unique drills for how to change the plane you’re fighting on whenever you please!

Because every martial art I know of teaches its students to attack down the centerline…

If you are able to change the plane you’re fighting on, then at any given moment, you can take away ANY advantage your opponent has…

Whether they’re bigger, stronger, faster, a better grappler, a better striker than you…

It doesn’t matter…

You can make ALL of their advantages count for nothing, because you’ll be able to change the plane the fight is taking place on, any time you want.

Not only that, but it doesn’t take very much of this sort of movement to make someone very tired, very quickly, when they're expending all of their energy hitting nothing but air.

And when someone gets truly physically exhausted, they are useless as a fighter.

You, on the other hand, will be fresh as a daisy, ready to launch your best attacks with all the energy you have.

So what do you have to do to get this superpower?

It’s pretty simple.

In Spring of 2020, I filmed a series of 7 videos that walk you through the same drills and movement I do religiously, each day, to hone and maintain this skill of movement and changing planes.

The movements themselves are actually deceptively simple.

Because you’ll never have to remember more than 3 movements at a time.

All the rest is just using them in combination and rhythm.

Although, I do have to warn you, I’ve seen many people psych themselves out, believing this is much more complicated than it is when they try to learn too fast.

If you don’t take your time and master each movement step by step, just like I show you, and sssllllloooowww ddddooooowwwwn when you’re learning… It's very easy to become overwhelmed or develop sloppy or incomplete technique.

But… to get a reality check… think about how many people, without an athletic bone in their body, go to line dancing or salsa dancing or any style of dancing for fun.

Those movements and patterns are FAR more complex than what I will teach you in these videos and there are millions of people of all ages and athletic ability that do just fine in all of them.

Just remember...

If the kids becoming dance stars on TikTok can do it, if the middle aged married couples rekindling their romance in couples dance class... SO CAN YOU!

Thank you so much for all your support,

- Dominick

Dom's Footwork Drills

What is it worth to begin your journey of having fundamentals so solid you can dance around your opponent and never get tired?

  • How to mentally break your opponent with movement. Why you don't need fancy equipment or a gym membership to become lethal (I didn't even have regular padwork early in my career).

  • How to make this style of movement "second nature", so it's automatic and you never have to think about it when you need it.

  • The complete series of drills I taught to the Ultimate Fighter crew—and the same drills I still do today that allow you to really start messing with people.

  • How to use a simple jump roping motion to dance around your opponents like a butterfly, and consistently cut angles that allow you to fire your best weapons at will, while they're still trying to figure out where you went.

  • How to use your footwork and movement to close the distance OFFENSIVELY. An amateur fighter can dodge a strike. A skilled fighter can dodge combinations and stay on his toes.

    But a master of footwork can use these tactics offensively to close the distance and bring the pain - and so will you once you make these drills a part of your daily routine.

  • How to visualize and use your mind for maximum success in minimum time, even when your resources are limited.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve got to be curious about these videos.

But maybe you’re skeptical.

Maybe it seems a bit far fetched that all you have to do is a few simple drills and they’ll give you fighting super powers.

Fair enough, but if you’d be so kind, I want you to consider a couple of things:

1. Most of the wonderful things in life are simple… it’s just a matter of doing them or not.

What is the difference between someone with immaculate dental health and someone who loses all their teeth in their 40s?

Brushing and flossing daily.

Just a couple of minutes a day makes the difference.

What is the difference between someone with super-hero level fitness into middle and old age, and someone with a “dad bod” (or worse) and an early death?

It can be as simple as pushups and situps, every day.

You don’t even need a gym! (It’s no excuse).

Have you heard of Hershel Walker, NFL and MMA athlete, who has been doing the same workout for over 40 years?

In his late 50s, he’s able to run a 4.3 40 yard dash, and his workout consists of nothing more than situps, pullups, pushups, short sprints, and other simple calisthenics he does every day.

His secret, just like the secret to all success, is simplicity and consistency... and if you are consistent with the simple drills and movement I show you in this series, I have no doubt you will be able to do what I do, or very close to it (maybe better, who knows?

Why limit yourself?)

2. I have removed ALL of the risk for you, with my conditional, double your money back guarantee.

This is NOT a no-questions-asked guarantee, because you have to hold up your end of the bargain for me to honor it.

So here’s the deal: if you can prove to me you actually did what I taught you to do, and train these drills and movements exactly like I show you on the videos (they’re very simple, this is not a big deal), without missing a day for 60 consecutive days (this is very easy to verify, all you have to do is tag yourself on Instagram with the hashtag #movelikecruz when you train)…

And if at the end of those 60 days, you don’t feel like a freaking superhero compared to where you started...

Being able to slip, bob, weave, pivot, change planes, and float like a ninja butterfly, dancing around your opponent with rhythm and skill, however feels right to you…

If you don’t feel you’ve got the complete value of your investment many times over with the skills you now have at the end of those 60 days…

Then I will personally write you a check for double your money back (a total of $34… to cover your initial investment of $17, and $17 more on top of that to say “sorry for wasting your time”)... and we will still be friends.

You won’t find a stronger guarantee in this business, because there is none.

And you also won’t find any example of me ever having to honor this guarantee, because this material works, and delivers on every promise I’ve made on this page!

What do Students Think About Dominick's Solo Footwork Drills?

"I've been following Dominick Cruz and his footwork patterns since the WEC days, been trying to implement it ever since. I'd recommend everyone check out if they wanna polish up and add to the traditional footwork, he breaks it down beautifully!”


"It’s something we can drill at home in its entirety. A lot of the time with grappling you must have a partner which can limit your progress.”

- Jacob

"This [Fence Work] is worth the price of entire series. Thanks DC!”

- Joshua

Dominick's Solo Footwork Drills


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