Dominick Cruz Shares His Home Solo Footwork Drills Course For Free!

How to use the lockdown to master your

Footwork ridiculously fast and… remember

everything after only

watching each video one time.


"Dominick Cruz has a reputation for being A Master of Footwork. There’s a reason why he is, statistically, the least hit fighter in his division.


Not only does his footwork help him evade his opponent’s attacks, but it helps him set up his own. If you want to fight like Dominick Cruz, spend some time perfecting your footwork." - Law of the Fist

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Joe Rogan

“There are very few people who move like Dominick does, his movements are very unusual, very difficult to pattern, and they are not indicative of any style. His style is uniquely his.”

Ultimately this is the Foundation of Everything I Do in from Standing.


  • On Lock Down...Can’t make it to the gym? No Problem.  This is a total body work out that isn't sport specific you can do anywhere with anyone! 
  • Awkward or Spastic on your feet? No Problem. Develop natural muscle patterns to let you flow with these basic movements.
  • Run out of Gas? No Problem.  Build strength and endurance in the muscles we need to be unpredictable and lightning fast.
  • Hurt or Can’t train as much as you want? No Problem.  Solo drills are injury free while improving technique and movement.


"The most important thing though is not just doing these movements. What’s important is an understanding how, when, and where they are actually used in a fight.


These core movements are the KEY to my strategy of being both Offensive and Defensive Simultaneously!


And, I break all that down for you. Join Me Today!" - Dominick Cruz

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Jeremy Stephens

Dom Cruz's movement is the foundation for fighting & fight DNA!!! No One Moves Like Dom.

Context Matters.  Context Is Everything.


When properly drilling you will also be training your mind through visualization of the perfect technique and timing.

Phil Davis

"Dominick's footwork is an algorithm. It's like watching a machine process information & solve problems. When he is teaching i'm ALL ears.

Normal Dominick Cruz Solo Drills Course Cost $29.97


Quarantine Special FREE Today 


Use Your Time Wisely And Come Back Strong! 

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Time Is Sooo Precious!


To get really good, you have to get the most out of every second of your training. 

Even if you trained 2 or 3 times a day you’re still spending many more hours OFF the mat than you are on the mat.


There are tons of different work outs we can do to build strength, speed, endurance and flexibility.  But NOTHING improves Footwork movements like THESE MOVEMENTS!

By training my specific Footwork movement practice you’ll see a vast improvement in:

  1. Increased Stamina
  2. Increased Speed
  3. Smoother Rhythm
  4. Perfect Timing

PLUS: Burn Off The Covid 19 lbs - Fat Burn

In just a few days your movement and your Footwork training will be faster, more natural, and much easier!

NO Matter What Your Current Skill Level. These Drills Work!


Cat Zingano

“His unorthodox footwork makes him really hard to read and predict. That’s not something that’s easy to train for. It takes a whole new way of thinking for an opponent, the kind of shit that could keep a man up at night.”

These 6 Footwork Specific movements are SPECIFICALLY designed to improve your Stand Up Foundation:


  • Drill 1 - Switch Step Off The Center Line
  • Drill 2 - Switch Step Pivot Out
  • Drill 3 - Pivot Drill
  • Drill 4 - Slip, Slip, Pivot In
  • Drill 5 - The Ali Shuffle
  • Drill 6 - Horizontal Cross Step
  • More to Come!!!

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